Monday, 23 February 2015

Sometimes life gets in the way

A million things we have to do, a million things we want to do, a million things we just don’t find the time for. That’s when you need to find out where your priorities lie. No one can tell you what those are for you. Sometimes you feel it’s time to sort out the things you are dealing with. It can take weeks, months even, but it is important to grant yourself this time off no matter how much you would rather work on the things you love.

Take your time, even though you have to put part of your life aside for a while.
You can always "come back home" to the things you really love.

I have started a few courses in September and on top of that I had some personal difficulties to deal with, which needed my full attention so I could use them to grow from. This is why I have not worked on this blog for a very long time. I do feel sad about this fact. Not because I felt obliged to do so, but because this blog started feeling like a safe haven very soon. Something to come home to, so to speak. I did not want to give it up and I won’t!

Find the light in your heart, head and work. 

Last year I quit college because I just didn’t feel it anymore. Those studies connected to only a part of who I really am. So I stopped to think about what it is that truly drives me. Beauty, fashion, creating things,… And then it hit me. I want to start my own fashion store. Soon the idea grew into a wild and crazy dream. You could argue that it would be too crazy and stupid to even believe in such a dream, but it would not let me go. So I looked at it realistically and decided I needed some education. 

De Schoonheidsschool
September 24, 2014 my first class of Colour, Style and Imageconsultent was a fact. From then on a true passion for style and creating the best version of any person, grew inside me. Now I can say I won’t just be giving advice because I “feel” an outfit is right or wrong, now I will “know”. I have learned so much and I want to keep learning more and more. 4 more lessons still to go and already I have enrolled for more follow-up courses on the subject.

Finding your true passion

Finding your true passion gives energy, life and purpose. It doesn’t mean you’re “finished”. It means you have found the right road and you can start walking that one with joy! It is a feeling I wish for everyone. So never stop looking for that one passion that drives you, no matter how many things you try out. You’ll know when you’ve found it. Trust me!

Your thoughts?

Have you found your inner passion? Or are you still looking and trying out? How’s that going?

Love, Kitty.

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